Fort Myers, FL 33916
United States

Bolero at Four Freedoms
Four Freedoms Park
Apr 01
Bolero at Four Freedoms
Four Freedoms Park
Apr 06
Fo Trot at Riverside
Riverside Community Center
May 06
Cha Cha at four Freedoms
Four Freedoms Park
May 06
Rumba at Four Freedoms
  March Newsletter

Welcome! Our mission is to promote the quality and the quantity of ballroom dancing in the United States.

Welcome to the home page of of the Southwest Florida Chapter of USA Dance Inc. website. For those of you who are unfamiliar with USA Dance, we are a non-profit national organization that encourages self-expression through ballroom dancing, socially as well as competitively. We believe that our focus on ballroom dancing contributes to the mental and physical aspects of well-being, in short-it's good for you body, heart, mind and spirit!

We invite you to make use of this website with a link to more indepth information about our organization and chapters at

On the "Resources"page, you will find our local dance studio addresses and telephone numbers, chapter dance schedules, and local places to dance the night away. Please visit and support our studios, they are there for you.

On the "Links"page look at Photo Albums Videos, and Calendars, which include upcoming events.