Fort Myers, FL 33916
United States


USA Dance Chapter 6049 Practice Dance

Thursday, July 6 to Thursday, August 31, 2017

Don't miss this easy chance to practice!

Practice makes perfect so they say. Every Thursday afternoon it's practice time, you may dance to chapters library of music, or find a corner and dance to your own rhythm, your choice! Dance like no one is watching. If you are a member of USA Dance and take weekly lessons this is a FREE benefit! If you are a member but or not currently in our lesson program it's $5.00 per couple or pro-rated for SOLO's. If you are presently not a member of USA Dance the admission is $5.00 each. General practice 1 to 3 PM. Special practice sessions available from 3 to 5 PM for USA Dance members by RESERVATION ONLY!

Call Don at 239-368-8423 for reservation time.