Fort Myers, FL 33916
United States


USA Dance Chapter 6049 West Coast Swing, Team Program

Monday, July 3 to Monday, August 28, 2017

This West Coast Swing class is for ALL Levels of students who wish to advance their knowledge of this dance.

This class is for the serious West Coast Swing student that wishes to develop their dance skills to the TEAM level. It is in addition to the regular Beginner/Intermediate program, and requires pre-registration to participate. for more information contact Cindy Lee at 239-810-1730

COME DANCE WITH US!The course is for ALL levels. Dancers will start from foundation and advance quickly through the choreography to Advanced Intermediate. The choreography is made up of lead and follow patterns that can be used on any social floor. To get the most out of the TEAM venue dancers should try to participate in all 8 weeks. Dancers that participate in TEAM work accelerate their abilities because they are practicing the same choreography repeatedly creating the muscle memory that advances dancing. You do NOT have to perform but everyone is encouraged to join the FUN of performing. There will be a performance in September at the Gulf Coast Town center as part of the International West Coast Swing Flash Mob. Cindy-Lee has created several Flash Mob performances over the years and they are ALWAYS FUN! $10 per session, must register in advance! You must be a member of USA Dance to participate in these TEAM Monday classes.