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Annual Showcase

Annual Chapter Showcase-Skit

This "Bus Stop" Skit was cherographed and performed by chapter members to demonstrate the FUN aspect of the different dance styles. ENJOY!

Chapter Smooth Team Match at Annual Showcase 2012

The Smooth Team Match had four teams competing in Waltz, Tango and Foxtrot. the colorful vests identify the teams.

Annual Showcase 2012-Rhythm Solos

At our 2nd Annual Chapter Showcase dancers perform Cha-Cha/swing fusion, Tom Howe and Susan Dickson: Rumba, Tom and Joanie Howe with a special treat; a Bolero by our in house instructor Ron Fucci and his partner Barbara Wilson, PLUS a PRO Team from 1st DANZ Studio performing a rumba with lyrics sang by Cindy Lee Overton of 1st DANZ.

Annual Showcase 2012-Smooth Solos

At the 2nd Annual Showcase-Dancers demonstrate "American Smooth" a Waltz by Kevin Carroll and Carol Davis and a Foxtrot by Tom Howe and Michaela Poole.

Annual Chapter Showcase-Smooth Heats

This was the 2nd Annual Holiday Showcase featuring our chapter members showing the skills they've developed over the past year. This video is the American Smooth Dances.